Absence Reporting Routine

Sickness (Sjuk) / sickness of child (VAB) notification
1) Report your absence to Adecco. To do this you fill out the form at Indecco. You will find
the form by the column “Frånvaroanmälan”. You can also use the link below to access the form. The link could be saved as a favorite. When you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation.

Link to the form: Sjukanmälan

2) Notify your client (the customer you work for) of your absence in accordance with workplace routines. If you are unsure of the routines at your workplace, speak with your Business Manager.

(In case you work for a customer where we need to replace your absence with another consultant, you must also always call our on-call service. During normal working hours, contact your Business Manager. Your Business Manager has informed if this is applicable for you.)

When should you report absence?
You should report your absence as soon as you experience sickness symptoms that affect your ability to attend your next scheduled shift. For example, if you will be working on Monday but feel sick on Sunday, then you should report your sickness on Sunday and not wait until the next day. Sick leave should always be reported as soon as possible.

Health (frisk) notification
When you are healthy again, it is very important that you notify Adecco by using the same form you report your sickness absence.

Regardless of whether the absence relates to own illness or child care (VAB), the notification must be sent to Adecco. Sick pay is paid from the day you report illness and cannot be adjusted afterwards! It is therefore very important that you report your absence in accordance with the routines above.

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