Education and test Covid-19!

Adecco Global has developed a highly relevant and valuable education with a subsequent about Covid-19. How should you act responsibly to avoid becoming infected? What can you do to prevent your possibly infecting others? You will find this training in Klickdata, where you as a consultant should have access to since you were hired. If you do not remember your password, order a new password. I would like to remind you that the account on Klickdata is registered with the email address you provided us when you were employed at Adecco. The link to Klickdata can be found here: Klickdata

You can find the training and subsequen under E-Courses and Adecco Academy. The following test can be found under TESTS. If you are unable to log in with your information, please contact the Consultant support at The Adecco group invites all of you to complete the training. People First is the mantra of Adecco! We want to take responsibility for your well-being as an employer. Save the diploma you receive if you are approved and email the diploma to your nearest manager. The information are only available in Swedish. When and if possible, we will inform you with the possibilities to read the information and to make the test in English. You can do the test several times, until you succeed.

Good luck!

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