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Hi Adecco Consultant!

We would like to inform you about Adecco’s policies regarding the Coronavirus.

Employees who may have been exposed to coronavirus
If you have been traveling and may have been exposed to coronavirus, you have an obligation to tell the employer before returning to work, according to the Infection Protection Act. You should also contact the care center via 1177 Care Guide for information on sampling and more. The same applies to those exposed to coronavirus through contact with close relatives who have been found to be carrying the infection. You as a consultant have Adecco as an employer even if you are on a contract with a customer. Therefore, you should contact both Adecco and the customer you are hired to.
Regulations regarding possibilities to insure economic support if infected? If you by a doctor have been found to carry infections, but are not sick, and are not allowed to come to the workplace can apply for benefits at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Read more about this here:

Sick employee
The employee who is ill must report sickness to his / her employer and receive sick pay and sickness benefit as with any other illness. Just as usual.

The Public Health Agency
The Public Health Authority is the responsible state authority in matters of infection protection. The recommendations from the Public Health Authority are that anyone who has no symptoms of illness can work as usual. The authority’s website has questions and answers about coronavirus covid-19.

Employer’s Liability
Ultimately, it is the employer who decides which measures are appropriate to take in the business. As an Adecco consultant, you must follow the customer’s guidelines. There are many ways to prevent infection, some examples are information and knowledge, and we urge you to follow the basic hygiene tips: wash hands frequently, use hand rubbing and more. Are you unclear as to what applies and lack clear guidelines? Then contact your manager at Adecco.

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